Introducing the Turku site: 4+ decades of GMP compliant pharma manufacturing

With 45 years of experience in GMP compliant pharma production, and its own R&D unit, Orion’s Turku site focuses especially on tablets, hormonal gels and semisolids, creams and ointments as well as anti-cancer drugs – and caters to all global markets.

The Turku plant, located at the Western coast of Finland, is Orion’s second largest production and R&D site – after the company’s HQ in Espoo. Orion has operated in Turku since the 1940s, and the current site has over 45 years of experience in pharmaceutical production and has been found compliant by most global regulatory bodies, including FDA and EMEA, Japanese, Russian and Brazilian officials.


”We deliver great quality, first and foremost, and in a safe and efficient way,” says Henry Salonen, Operational Director for the Hormonal gels and semisolids process.





On top of tablet production, special focus areas for Turku are hormonal gels and semisolids, non-hormonal creams, solutions and ointments as well as anti-cancer drugs. Different dosage forms are produced both for Orion’s own brands as well as a range of contracting partners. At the moment, the plant also has extra capacity for new contracting clients, especially for hormonal and non-hormonal semisolids and solutions.


“We are looking to grow our contract manufacturing business in the coming years. With decades of experience in global pharma business, we are a full-service pharma house, able to cater to different client needs from early clinical development all the way to commercial scale drug production,” Salonen says. “Our packaging site in the neighbouring city of Salo also offers serialization and aggregation capacity.”


In addition to first class production facilities, the Turku site also houses a major share of Orion’s R&D department, developing novel treatments for Orion’s main therapy areas, such as oncology and central nervous system diseases – and supporting the company´s CM customers in their various development needs.





Salonen says even though Turku has state-of-the-art facilities and production equipment, the greatest strength is still its staff of around 800 Orionees. “Our experts are real pros. We have developed fine-tuned processes for, for instance, technology transfers and scale up, and can also support our clients with API development and manufacturing through our subsidiary Fermion.”


He stresses that Finnish reliability is also an asset in partnerships. “All our contracting partnerships have run very smoothly; some of them have been on-going for over a decade already. Finns tend to be direct communicators, which is usually a positive thing: if we promise something, we know we can deliver. Partnerships are always an opportunity to learn new things.”





  • First opened in 1972
  • 4 departments: tablets, hormonal solutions, gels and semisolids, non-hormonal solutions, creams and ointments, anti-cancer solid dosage forms
  • Produces more 1 billion tablets and capsules per year
  • Production area of over 24 000 squaremetres
  • Offers capacity in all departments and dosage forms
  • ~800 employees


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