Introducing the Salo site: A World-class packaging & logistics centre

Orion’s Salo packaging and logistics centre dispatches over 32 million packages each year. The modern, state-of-the-art facility serves all global markets – with an impeccable regulatory track record.

First opened in 2014, Orion’s packaging and logistics centre in Salo is a state-of-the-art facility located half-way between the company’s two main production sites – Espoo and Turku.


All of Orions’ tablet packaging operations has been centralized to the Salo site, excluding cytostatics, β-lactames, cephalosporines and sex hormones. Yearly, the centre handles the packaging and dispatching of over 32 million blister packs and bottles. “With the Salo site, Orion was able to centralize and thus increase the efficiency of both our packaging and warehousing operations,” says Plant Manager Juho Hellman. 

Salo adheres to current GMP requirements and caters to all global markets with top notch quality of operations, demonstrated by the site’s nearly impeccable regulatory track record. “For example, we passed the last FDA inspection with no observations, which we are very happy about,” adds Salo site’s QA Manager Inga Strandin-Gustafsson.



Isolated packaging eliminates contamination risk  


The packaging site in Salo hosts seven packaging lines: 3 for blister packages, 4 for bottles. To lower the risk of cross-contamination, the lines are separated into two isolated production phases. “Isolating the primary and secondary phases in packaging helps us increase both the quality and safety of our production. The flow of personnel and goods between different areas is also regulated with strict controls”, explains Production Manager Mari Grönroos.


Both the technologies and our own work practices in Salo have been fine-tuned to meet the latest requirements and customer demands.”


Another example of this is serialization – an upcoming requirement in several global pharma markets that the Salo site has already built the capacity for. Most packaging lines at Salo are already equipped with serialization capacity, and the rest will be updated during 2018.  


All in all, the spirit of Lean production is strong in Salo with the entire staff developing the operations together, every day. “We’ve been able to create a great atmosphere of continuous improvement here: people are motivated to work together and improve, every day,” Juho says.





Packaging centre

  • 7 packaging lines: 4 bottle and 3 blister, reservation for 2 additional lines
  • Produces more than 32 million sales packages per year
  • Total capacity for 70 million packages per year
  • 85 employees



  • 12 000 pallets
  • 300 received or shipped pallets per day
  • 15 trucks per day
  • 30 employees



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