About us: Orion Contract Manufacturing

Orion is an innovative European R&D based pharmaceuticals company that offers high value pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for global markets. Our current contract manufacturing portfolio includes proprietary and generic products for human and animal health in various dosage forms. Our facilities comply with EMA, FDA, JP and ANVISA quality standards.

As a full-scale pharma company Orion has broad experience in providing its contract manufacturing customers with extensive services from R&D support to regulatory know-how and comprehensive supply chain operations. Acknowledged quality of operations, profound expertise in technology transfers, solid project management practices, excellent customer service and high service level form the basis of our contract manufacturing offering.

The strong financial position of our company contributes to us being a reliable and capable contract manufacturing partner.

In addition, Fermion, a fully owned subsidiary of Orion, offers contract research and manufacturing services of APIs.

Contract manufacturing and packaging of various dosage forms

Orion has four pharmaceutical plants, all located in Finland. We offer the following dosage forms for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging:

  • Hormonal cream, gel, solution, spray
  • Tablet & capsule, also cytotoxic
  • Cream, gel, ointment, liquid, solution
  • Nasal spray, rectal enema, oral syringe
  • Sterile injectable vial & ampoule
  • Packaging & serialization
  • API custom development & manufacturing
  • Veterinary, high potent & controlled substances

Hormonal semi-solids and solutions – a specialty area of Orion

Orion has more than 20 years of experience with developing and manufacturing hormonal gels for Orion and our customers.

Orion has vast experience with

  • potent APIs and controlled substances
  • handling of flammable liquids
  • finding solutions for formulation and analytical challenges
  • various packaging formats.

We supply to all global markets and comply with requirements from authorities in the United States, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East etc.


Contact us at cmo(at)orion.fi