Pink light to promote girls’ rights

The beginning of 2017 also marks the start of the sixth year of cooperation between Orion and Plan.

“We selected Plan as our partner, as it is an international organisation with a good reputation that furthers an important cause,” says Timo Lappalainen, President and CEO of Orion Corporation. Furthermore, Plan’s goal to improve the status of girls in developing countries fits in perfectly with Orion’s mission to build well-being.

According to Lappalainen, it is important that, in addition to providing financial support, Orion’s employees have actively participated in campaigns over the years.

“An opportunity to participate makes things more personal.”

In 2014 and 2015, Orion’s employees took part in exercise campaigns to improve education for girls in developing countries. In 2016, they raised awareness of very early motherhood through the #girlsrights photo campaign.

The most visible tradition is the lighting up of Orion’s facilities in Espoo, Turku and Salo in pink for a week in October, in conjunction with the International Day of the Girl. The pink lighting has become an established way to attract global attention to girls’ rights, which still have much room for improvement.

“The world wastes huge potential by failing to provide girls with equal opportunities to attend school and participate in the development of society,” Lappalainen said on the International Day of the Girl in 2016.