Working together in support of carers

The number of carers is increasing in our society, and the carers need advocates. The more information we have about carers and the more we discuss and the better we understand their work, the more effectively we will be able to affect decision-makers.

The topic of taking care of a loved one touches nearly all Finns at some point in their lives. At the moment in Finland, there are around 350,000 carers who attend to loved ones: mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers who are disabled or need special care, children or other close relatives.

Orion Corporation and the Central Association of Carers in Finland will be celebrating the first 100 years of Finnish independence under the theme “Working together in support of carers”. During the year, we want to highlight the diversity of caring and make everyone aware of the important work carried out by carers.

We believe that we will be able to reach and touch people through our financial cooperation and joint communication efforts and achieve good results: information, support and networks. We also want to encourage all friends of the Finland 100 centenary year to get involved in voluntary work to help carers. We will be providing more information about this theme, “Pass on the good deed”, and our special app in spring 2017.

Starting in January, we will be supporting the work of carers with the sale of Orion 100 centenary products in pharmacies all over Finland. We will use some of the proceeds to arrange a few days’ holiday or some other form of recreational activity for carers. By selecting one of our centenary products, you will be supporting the work of carers. Thank you!


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