Material Bank

Material Bank is an extranet web service for partners and service providers who produce publications, articles, advertisements, printed matter and web publications dealing with Orion, or anyone who'd like to use Orion-related material for publication purposes in a way not conflicting with Orion's interests.

The Material Bank contains, for example:

  • photographs
  • logotypes
  • graphic guidelines to be applied in designing layouts of Orion's publications 
  • product-specific branding guidelines
  • templates for Orion's advertisements

For access to Orion's Material Bank you'll need a password. Access can be granted for a limited period only, and for the particular purpose to be explained when registering to the service. Doubtful password applications may not be accepted, for reasons relating to corporate security and possible misuse of the material.

The content of Orion's Material Bank is administered by the Communications department of the Orion Group except the sections for pharmaceutical marketing operations in Finland.

To enter the Material Bank click here.