Partnering opportunities

Orion is constantly looking for strong complementary and mutually beneficial partnerships. We are interested in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and research groups in the following areas.

Proprietary Products Out-Licensing

Orion's own R&D activity has generated several drugs for global markets based on Orion's own molecule discoveries. The key focus areas of Orion’s R&D are: central nervous system disorders (in particular neurology), oncology and asthma and COPD with Orion’s proprietary dry powder inhaler (DPI) device Easyhaler®. 

Generics In/Out- Licensing

Orion's Speciality products portfolio consists of a range of over 300 generic prescription and OTC drugs and self-care products. The availability of these products varies by country with the widest offering in Finland. We constantly rejuvenate our Speciality products portfolio through in-licensing. The generic product dossiers (Medicinal Dossiers and Food Supplements, Medicinal Devices and Cosmetics) currently available for out-licensing can be found in the Dossier list

Respiratory and Easyhaler® business

Orion respiratory and Easyhaler® business is one of the core businesses at Orion with many business opportunities worldwide. Please visit our to learn more about us.

Animal Health

Orion is one of the best-known companies in the Nordic countries for both proprietary and generic products for production animals and companion animals.

Contract manufacturing

Orion provides a wide range of services for human and animal health products: expertise and support in API development and manufacturing, product development and supply chain operations. Our facilities comply with the strictest EMEA/FDA/JP requirements and can handle also potent compounds.

APIs and CRAMS (Fermion)

Orion group includes a manufacturing organisation Fermion for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for both generic and proprietary drug products. Fermion offers also contract research and manufacturing services for APIs, including oncology and high potent compounds.