Alliance and Partner Management Excellence

Dedicated Partner Management Resources

Our dedicated Alliance Management resources, an extension of our Business Development function, look after our strategic partnerships. Dealing with possible deviations or changes from the plans, Alliance Management is able to quickly resolve operational and contractual issues. Moreover, as part of our Business Development approach, we ensure already at the negotiation stage that the goals and objectives are aligned on both sides and strive to keep the partnership in fair balance.

With direct access to senior management, Alliance Management acts as a support in partner relationship and contractual issues. Our in-house Partner Management Training Program focuses on making partnership management a core competence at Orion and establishing a widespread understanding of what successful co-operation and working with partners requires. Through our Partner Survey initiatives we keep track of our progress and areas for improvement.

Efficient Partnership Implementation

For Orion, the implementation of the partnership starts with a comprehensive alliance launch process, whereby teams with a joint framework and rules are established together with the partner. This process is facilitated by Alliance Management to ensure a shared understanding of the partnership agreement and its goals, operation, management and foreseen challenges, and that proper lines of communication are established early on.

Project Management

Orion has seasoned Project Management professionals to lead and manage drug development projects including development of new proprietary products as well as various Lifecycle Management activities. Project Management is involved already in the establishment of a partnership, for example in organizing the due diligence meetings, project presentations as well as in the contracting stage, providing development plans and suggestions for timetables and joint activities.

Expert’s toolbox

While we consider expertise and knowledge and the correct partnering attitude to be key, no partner management organisation is complete without the proper working tools. We operate a state-of-the-art set of tools for project management, collaboration and communication. Our use of partnering related IT tools and share-ware has received wide appreciation amongst our partners and we strive to constantly improve the quality of our interactions.

The Orion Global Business Development and Alliance Management team is at your disposal for any partnering or collaboration related query or proposal.