Partnering and licensing

Partnerships and networking are important for Orion throughout the entire value chain of operations. We collaborate with other companies in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of products internationally.

Our many long-lasting partnerships prove that Orion is a fair and reliable partner. We are committed to continuously developing our partnerships to optimise mutual benefits. Orion is also constantly seeking and evaluating potential new partnerships. 

Are you looking for a partner or licensee?

Orion would be happy to receive and evaluate collaboration proposals around different assets that would fit Orion's focuses, resources and capabilities.

You are welcome to submit your proposal by using the Partnering Opportunity Submission Form.

The submitted proposal will enter our internal evaluation process and, after an initial review of it and if we see a fit between your asset or project and our resources and capabilities our Business Development will revert back with a response and initiate a dialogue with you to determine the potential for a partnership.

Are you looking for a partner or licensee in respiratory?

Respiratory and Easyhaler® business is one of the core therapy areas at Orion and we are offering and looking for new opportunities in the areas of Rearch & Development, Business development, Partner sales and Manufacturing and Supply as well as offering expertise in Market Access and Commercial operations.

Please visit to learn more about Orion and our respiratory business and send us your contact details for further collaboration.

Orion’s partnership strengths and competences

Successful companies distinguish themselves not only through superior products or services but also by their success in collaborative ventures. An increasing part of the revenues and growth are derived from partner collaborations. For Orion, successful partnership management is a business priority. We have the processes, structures, competences, and the right mind set in place to ensure efficiency and flexibility.

Reliability, Financial Stability and Long term focus
Our partnership strategy is grounded on long term focus and we take great pride in being fair, trusted and reliable partner. We are committed to deliver our promises.
Business competence, contacts and commitment
We are experienced in partnering, contracting and creating optimal collaboration structures. Our organization is streamlined for the best possible management of our partnerships.
Optimally sized
Small enough to be flexible and dynamic, yet possessing the processes, expertise and structures necessary to drive projects forward and operate efficiently with all sizes of companies.
Investing in partnerships
We are committed to dedicate our best resources and competences to build strong and fruitful partnerships.
World-class R&D experience
We have an excellent scientific reputation and track record both in terms of drug development and bringing the candidates through the regulatory agency reviews by both the EMA and FDA.
Integrity in dealing with our partners
We have a long history in working with different partners. Our partnerships are based on balanced benefit and risk sharing, and we work hard to ensure the best value and success for both parties.
Emphasizing timely, accurate and efficient communication
The aim is to develop our partner initiatives to be as smooth as out internal cooperation. We take our collaborators onboard early enough to contribute to the planning. We are partnering oriented. We believe that success in partnering is built on one interaction at a time without shortcuts.