Orion values

Orion values communicate our common goals and help us in orienteering in the changing world. They unite Orion people in our important task of producing products and services that promote well-being and health of our customers.

Mutual trust and respect

We want to act so that we can trust each other and respect each other's work, thus creating a firm basis for co-operation. Trust springs from keeping promises, and respect from understanding the importance of one another’s contribution to the whole process.

Quality, reliability and safety

We want high quality, reliability and safety to underline our actions. This presupposes that all of us, together and as individuals, are accurate and timely in all our procedures.

Customer focus

We want to understand, anticipate and meet our customers' present and future needs. This presupposes that all of us closely co-operate and exceed the limits of normal work communities in order to bring our expertise to our customers.


We want to create and develop innovative solutions and ways of working. This challenges each of us to explore new possibilities in our daily work, in co-operation with our professionals from various fields and to bring our own expertise into our joint projects.


We want to be the best in our field, developing products, services and solutions that promote well-being and health. This challenges each of us as an individual and all of us together to strive for the best in all that we do.