Orion’s Pharmaceuticals business includes research, development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and their active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Pharmaceuticals business is divided in business divisions which are Proprietary Products, Specialty Products, Animal Health and Fermion. Line functions provide support and services to business divisions.

Pharmaceuticals business:

Proprietary Products

Orion develops and produces proprietary products for humans and animals. The Proprietary Products business division is responsible for Orion’s patented proprietary drugs for human use. In addition to proprietary drugs developed through Orion’s own in-house R&D, the business division also sells and markets proprietary products of other pharmaceutical companies. Orion’s own sales organisation covers almost all of Europe, and in other markets Orion’s proprietary drugs are sold by partners.

Specialty Products

The product portfolio includes over four hundred generic, i.e. off-patent, prescription drugs and self-care products. Orion sells drugs it has developed and manufactured itself and products developed and manufactured by its collaboration partners. The Specialty Products business division’s main markets are Finland, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe including Russia.

Orion manufactures most of the products in its product portfolio. The best-known products include Finland’s best-selling anti-inflammatory and painkiller Burana®, Aqualan® basic ointments and Multivita® vitamins.

Animal Health

Orion is one of the most important manufacturers and distributors of veterinary drugs in the Nordic countries. The product portfolio includes veterinary products for pets and production animals. Orion manufactures, markets and sells its own proprietary drugs and generic drugs for use in animals. In the Nordic countries in addition to the products in its own portfolio, Orion markets and sells veterinary drugs manufactured by several international companies. The Animal Health business division’s main markets are the Nordic countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Animal sedatives from Orion’s own in-house research are widely used by veterinarians in different parts of the world. Collaboration partners are responsible for sales of these products in countries where Orion does not have its own sales organisation focusing on veterinary drugs.


Fermion manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients for Orion’s own proprietary drugs and some generic products. Fermion also manufactures and sells pharmaceutical ingredients for other pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Contract Manufacturing

Orion is also a contract manufacturer of drugs for other pharmaceutical companies. The customer base is global. Contract manufacturing and other, i.e. manufacturing for other companies, is included in the Pharmaceuticals business segment, but it is not a separate business division, it is part of the Group’s Supply Chain organisation.

Line functions:

Supply Chain

The product supply chain covers the entire drug manufacturing process from purchasing and manufacturing of raw materials to product manufacturing, packaging and delivery to customers, wholesalers, subsidiaries or other pharmaceutical companies. All of Orion’s manufacturing plants are in Finland. The pharmaceutical manufacturing plants are in Espoo, Turku, Salo and Kuopio. The plants manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredient are in Hanko and Oulu.

Sales and marketing

Orion’s products are marketed in over a hundred countries worldwide. Orion’s own sales organisation covers almost all key European markets. In other markets Orion’s products are sold by collaboration partners. In addition to its own products, Orion sells products licensed from several other pharmaceutical companies.


Orion’s expenditure on pharmaceutical research and product development accounts for on average about 10-15% of net sales. Orion’s pharmaceutical research concentrates on early-phase drug development, in other words pre-clinical studies and Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. Orion aims to conduct comprehensive Phase III clinical trials in collaboration with partners selected for further development and marketing. Orion also collaborates extensively with other pharmaceutical companies in early-phase research with the objective of developing innovative new medicinal treatments that are more effective and safer.