Supplier requirements

What Orion expects from its Suppliers in terms of CSR  

In our Approach to Corporate Responsibility, we emphasise our commitment to the principles and practices promoting sustainable development and the welfare of mankind, and our aim for the highest standards of our industry with respect to environment, health and safety as well as human rights and equality. Being committed to high standards we regard ourselves entitled to expect the same from our business partners.

What does this entitlement mean in practise?

As a provider of pharmaceutical products, we carry the main responsibility of the uncompromised quality and safety of our products and related services. The players in the pharmaceutical industry are members in international and complex networks. Our partners’ operations shall be based on GxP (Good Practices, GxP*) and efforts to decrease environmental burden and to promote occupational health and safety. It is also important to us that our suppliers show continued effort to improve their performance in the generally recognised areas of corporate responsibility.
In the selection of providers of ingredients, materials, semi-finished or sub-contracted products or any other procured items directly or indirectly affecting the quality of our products, we assess the supplier candidates’ eligibility on the basis of a selection of key criteria and requirements. Collaboration is based on the chosen supplier’s confirmation of compliance with the necessary standards and commitment to our principles, thereby demonstrating understanding of Orion’s purpose.
We monitor our suppliers’ compliance by making audits of their premises and operations and/or assessing the status with regular or occasional questionnaires.

*) Pharmaceutical companies are required to follow Good Practices defined for manufacturing, laboratory and clinical operations. In the common name GxP, the letter x either stands for M= Manufacturing, L=Laboratory or C=Clinical, or all of them.


Our basic CSR anticipations towards our Suppliers are as follows:   

Regulatory compliance

  • Compliance with instructions and regulations of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements by relevant authorities and related applicable national laws
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations applicable, including but not limited to legal business practices.
  • Compliance with the anti-corruption laws of
    • the USA (i.e., the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977)
    • the UK  (Bribery Act 2010); and
    • the country/countries where operations are conducted/located.
  • All necessary permits and licenses required for the operations are in place, valid  and adhered to

Occupational Health and Safety

  • An appropriate risk management system is in place, and there are efficient training practices for ensuring the awareness and ability of relevant staff to control them and take necessary preventive action
  • The operations are compliant with relevant EHS licenses and approvals for plants, materials and distribution
  • Orion receives essential and up-to-date safety information on the supplied products
  • Significant health and/or safety incidents at the supplier’s location are reported to Orion, without undue delay.

Environmental Management

  • Emissions to air and water discharges are within the limits set in regulatory requirements and existing environmental permits.
  • The production and treatment of hazardous waste is ensured to be compliant with national regulations.
  • Relevant measures are in place to monitor and reduce the consumption of natural and other resources.
  • The environmental impacts over the full life cycle are assessed in the development of new products and services.
  • Appropriate policies and procedures are in place for managing the risks associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), if such compounds are handled or produced.

Human Rights and Employment

  • The principles in the UN Declaration of Human Rights are acknowledged and supported.
  • There are no restrictions in recruitment or employment based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation, or any other discriminating factor.
  • Collective bargaining is supported and participated, even in countries of operation where it is not yet a generally adopted practice or regulated by legislation.
  • The right of employees to join a trade union is not restricted.
  • The employees are paid at least the locally defined minimum salary in the country of operation.
  • Neither child nor forced labour is used in any part of the operations.
  • The legislation and collective agreements concerning working hours of the employees are followed.
  • The employees are treated fairly and respectfully, also in events of workforce reductions.

Our delivery accuracy targets are also important

One of our key ambitions is to ensure the continued availability of our medicinal products to distributors and patients, for whom unavailability of a critical medicine may cause a life-threatening condition. We want our collaboration partners to understand this and help us maintain our customers’ strong trust in our ability to deliver. Thus, we emphasise the significance of punctual deliveries, anticipating that:                    

  • The supplier ensures that any changes or difficulties which may affect the delivery of the products or materials covered by the supply agreement are communicated to Orion without undue delay.