Human prescription medicines

Broad portfolio of basic medicines 

Orion's product portfolio consists of a range of approximately 300 prescription drugs for primary healthcare for the treatment and prevention of most common illnesses. Most of Orion's products are so-called generics which Orion has developed and introduced after the original product has become off patent. The availability of Orion's medicinal products varies by country, and it is increasing constantly as Orion enhances the presence of its own sales organisation in all key European markets.  Practically all Orion products are sold in Finland, Orion's home base, and most of them are in the scope of the reference pricing system and also reimbursable.


Proprietary products

Orion's own R&D activity has generated seven drugs based on Orion's own molecule discoveries. These products nowadays contribute to approximately half of the Orion Group's annual net sales. The brightest stars in the Orion constellation of products are Stalevo® and Comtess®/Comtan®, which are used for the treatment of advanced Parkinson's disease and which contain entacapone, an active ingredient discovered and developed by Orion's own R&D. Other Orion-orginated drug discoveries for human use are Simdax® (levosimendan) for severe heart failure and dexdor® and Precedex® (dexmedetomidine) for sedation of patients in intensive care, and Fareston® (toremifene), for breast cancer. Included in Orion's proprietary product range is Easyhaler®, a multi-dose device for administrating inhalable, dry-powder-formulated asthma medicines.   

The Proprietary Products portfolio for humans is dealt with in more detail on a page accessible here.  

Proprietary Orion-originated products are also Domitor® (medetomidine), Dexdomitor® (dexmedetomidine), Domosedan® (detomidine), which are sedatives used by veterinarians, and their reversal, Antisedan® (atipamezole).   

In-licensed products

Orion's product range includes an increasing number of mainly patent-protected products licensed in by Orion from other pharmaceutical companies. The geographic scope of Orion's rights to market the product varies by product, but as a rule, Orion aims to receive the rights European-wide, i.e. for the area covered by its own marketing and sales organisation.

Products for self-care

Some medicinal preparations can be bought from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. The range of so-called self-care products (often also called OTC, over-the-counter products) offered by Orion in Finland is very extensive and versatile. In addition to prescription-free medicines, a rich selection of non-medicinal products like basic ointments, vitamins and hygiene products is available for promoting and maintaining personal care and well-being.

Product specifications available in official databases

Communication concerning medicinal products is rigorously regulated by legislation and codes adopted internationally by pharmaceutical companies. These regulations and practices start from the principle that consumers and patients are supposed to receive product-specific information primarily from authorised sources, i.e. from their doctors and pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies are entitled to promote prescription products to healthcare professionals only. Also Orion is committed to the internationally and locally adopted standards concerning marketing of pharmaceuticals, thereby providing access only for health care professionals to its product-specific and other comparable websites containing promotional information on prescription-only medicines. This is also why information on Orion's key products, pharmaceuticals, is limitedly available on the public website of the company.  Links to some sources of reliable product information about medicines are provided in the right-hand column of this page.

All medicines approved for use in humans and animals are listed and registered in databases maintained by national and international medicinal authorities.  In Finland, the key source for physicians is 'Pharmaca Fennica', of which a concise and easier-to-read version has been derived for consumers. The book, 'Lääkeopas'  can be bought from pharmacies and well equipped bookstores.

Updated Feb 18th 2014

Useful sources for medicinal information

These websites provide useful and reliable information about medicines and advice on the correct use of medicines:

The European Medicines Agency, EMA:

The US Food and Drug Administration, FDA:

Finnish Medicines Agency, FIMEA:


Finnish Current Care Redommendations

Current Care Recommendations are evidence-based national recommendations provided by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim for helping decision-making by healthcare professionals and for the best of patients.

Concise and easy-to-read recommendations are available in editions meant for healthcare professionals and patients. The recommendations are provided in the internet at

The recommendations are applicable to Finnish healthcare practise, and they can include grounded standpoints of such important healthcare questions for which scientific evidence is either not available or not possible to acquire. 

The recommendations are produced and maintained by an editorial group at Duodecim in collaboration with hundreds of voluntary best-in-class specialists representing different fields of healthcare.

Duodecim underlines that, when making treatment decisions, the Current Care Recommendations will not replace the evaluation of a doctor or another healthcare professional concerning the best possible diagnosis or treatment of an individual patient.